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Hi Folks,

Here i will give you some news, on an irregular basis, just when I needed a small break from the actual production of the book or when I get so excited about it, I'd like to share the news with you.  And now, afterwards, with the book ready and done, just some other news and stories from the book itself. So keep on coming back to this. 

Adriana Bijman

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Another birthday and The Book's New Video

Posted by findhornbirthdaybook on November 13, 2013 at 5:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello dear friends of Findhorn,

Time flies nowadays it seems. Another year and we are celebrating the 51th birthday of the Findhorn Foundation Community. To celebrate I made a little video, with pages from the Findhorn  Birthday Bok 'Spirit of the Future' but with also never shown videoclips of some of our community celebrations as well as a video-interview I made this week with George Ripley, architect of the Universal Hall. 

I just uploaded it on YouTube, and your link to go their directly is

Yesterday we played a whole day long a Community Game of Transformation. Our playing intension was:

Individually and collectively we intend to align and engage with the core impulse of the Findhorn community, strengthen our co-creative connections and shape a culture of coherence, resilience an celebration. 

This Birthday (floor) version of the Game of Transformation in the Universal Hall was very professionally led by the star team Mary Inglis and Judy McAllister and scriber Susie Schwarz. 

And we celebrated the Birthday !

Posted by findhornbirthdaybook on November 23, 2012 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Dear people, 

The 17th of November it was exactly 50 years ago that our founders arrived at The Park. Without the intension, they started our Findhorn Foundation Community as we know it now. This morning, after heartfelt Harmonic singing at dawn, Judy McAlister did a wonderful mediation with the packed Universal Hall.

The text can be found on the Foundation’s website and I quote a small part from it here:

"We open to the myriad streams of consciousness that have worked with this centre, to the forces and beings who have lent their support and wisdom to the creation of all that is today. We invite them to engage with us in this time of celebration and blessing. We welcome the devic, angelic and elemental realms; all the forces of the kingdoms of nature; the guides, guardians and teachers who have helped to shape this centre and have strengthened its work in the world. In particular we welcome the presence of the Landscape Angel, that representative of Gaia itself, that holds this centre in its care and keeping, and the presence of the Angel of Findhorn, acknowledging and honouring the vital roles they have played in the growth and evolution of Findhorn."

From the beautiful sharing afterwards I quote some to you:

Findhorn is a special place. But as was said, every place on our world is a special place. And if we cannot experience it where we are now on the planet, it is a call to create it, for ourselves and for the ones around us.

50 years ago our founders imagined and worked with a network of light; now we know this field is indeed existing; this is a privilege as well as a responsibility.

We bless all those places in and around our world which are in pain and see Love and Light coming in to heal. Together we sang an open ending OM for the Middle East war zones. We express our gratitude, for all the little and big things that happen in our lives.

We are overlightened by many invisible beings, but it is the Love that is the Essence, that we pour into the world.

Stand up in the world and be seen!

Happy Birthday to all of us and honouring the whole Findhorn family of past, present and future we send out a big THANK YOU. 

warmheartedly, Adriana Bijman

Words of Gratitude from WIlliam Bloom

Posted by findhornbirthdaybook on October 24, 2012 at 4:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi everybody, with the Birthday week coming up in some weeks (The official 50th Birth-day of the Findhorn Foundation Community is 17 November) I would like to let you all read the foreword of the Birthday Book.  Spiritual teacher William Bloom wrote this text earlier this year for the book: 

There is truly something magical about the Findhorn Community. In the middle of gardening, or cleaning, or teaching, or administering, a shift may suddenly happen and a wave of love and magic starts to flow through the people and the situation. In these wonderful and joyful moments there may be unplanned silence and healing, or song, dance, music, prayer, or impromptu comedy, as hearts open and people feel a serendipitous exhilaration at the sheer wonder of being alive; and everything can be sensed as possessing sentient life: plants, rocks, clouds, washing machines, buildings, the pulsing and spiralling hum of the universe. These blessed happenings may last only a few minutes or continue for weeks. For some people, their whole experience of Findhorn is suffused with this exhilarating grace and creativity.

But enmeshed in this magic is also the reality of being human! Alongside the grace and irrepressible magic, there is no naïveté at Findhorn about the travail and endurance required to develop and transform a human being and build a utopian community. From the very beginning the creation of this new model of living — spiritually diverse, ecologically vibrant, creative, socially engaged and emotionally intelligent — has been grounded in tough work and personal sacrifice.

It was with heroic purity and resolute intention that the Findhorn Community was founded. Eileen’s grace, Dorothy’s perception, Peter’s positive thinking — forgive this simplistic abbreviation of their gifts — were harnessed together for the tough and unfaltering labour of personal and collective development. And over fifty years the results are impressive.

It is wonderful and inspiring that because of its pioneering work in the field of ecology and sustainability, as a global model of best practice, that the Findhorn Foundation is officially associated with the United Nations and the Scottish government. The eco-buildings are truly amazing, not just in their green efficiency but also in their styles and quirkiness. (When no one is watching are these houses alive? Do they go for walks at night?) Idealistic women and men come here from all over the world to be educated and inspired.

Of course building gardens and houses is hard work, but even tougher is the process of relationship. I have heard people say about the Foundation’s programmes: These workshops are not the real workshops. The real workshops are at home and at work in relationships with family, friends and colleagues. Being in relationship is The workshop.

Certainly if community is about anything, it is about relationship. Therefore, as well as its initiatory work in sustainability, Findhorn is also a centre of healing and therapy as people learn the skills of personal development and right relations. You never know which gardener, cook, cleaner, dancer or builder is also a highly skilled counsellor, therapist or healer. And these capabilities are crucial as the burning ground of relationship reveals our shadows and daemons.

But, gracefully, relationships in the Findhorn community are never restricted just to people. That would be too limiting and ignorant of other dimensions and possibilities. Permeating the community is also the primary relationship with … what shall we call it? … the Source, the Mystery, the Unknowable, the Tao, Flow, Field, Spirit, God, Goddess, Cosmic Christ, Buddha Consciousness, the Divine and Unconditional Love. And beyond and within that underlying reality, there are even more relationships: with nature, earth, water, air, fire, ocean, rocks, animals, plants, devas, spirits, angels and machines, gods, goddesses, pagan and shamanic beings.

And this is Findhorn’s other magnificent model of best practice. It embraces and provides a loving chalice, pot and cauldron for the full diversity of human spirituality. This book celebrates the 50th birthday of this groundbreaking, inspiring and unique community. May the future hold fifty times fifty more anniversaries, inspiring generations beyond our imagination, building heaven on earth, resolutely affirming the unity of all life.

William Bloom is a Findhorn Fellow

(read more from William on his website, and warmhearted greetings from Adriana )

Editorial Text

Posted by findhornbirthdaybook on August 15, 2012 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (0)


The book is not a history book about 50 years of Findhorn, or The Findhorn Foundation Community. And yet it is. It is full of history. And it is not complete as such, as it was not made with that intention. So you might not recognise your Findhorn experience, but your own story might come to the surface while reading and leafing through, even if you have never physically been here.

This project started because I felt strongly called to mark these 50 years by creating a beautiful book from, with and for the community and its worldwide circle of friends. I answered the call and set up a first meeting. I have used all my skills in organising, editing, photography and graphic design. The task became much more than that.

The start in July 2011 was slow, with hesitation from the official bodies and lots of meetings before the project was supported. Margot Henderson, Angus Marland and I made the book’s first structure, starting with the three pillars of our community and then a chapter per decade. Hopes that the community creative writing evenings with Margot and Harula Ladd would get people writing their stories were not fulfilled. Then Margot had to withdraw from the project with no one to take her place to manage the text. I felt outer resistance to making it happen and did not feel very trusted. Confronted with personal issues it became a painful process for me. At one point I wanted to give up the whole idea, forgetting why I had started it. 

While talking with Jonathan Caddy in my studio, the penny dropped: this is not just a book, this is about Transformation! A personal transformation. This is what Findhorn is about for the many who come here: the transformation of human consciousness. It is no coincidence that astrologically I am going through a Saturn return and transits during the production of this book.

Findhorn, turning 50, is going through its own transformation; what has its soul come to heal? We’re not just the hippies from the 70s any more; we’ve achieved a lot to be proud of and can stand fully in the effect we have had in the world.

I realised that to make this book happen, I first had to say ‘yes’ to the book, totally, do the inner work and step in full-time. My role expanded to coordinate and focalise the whole project; manage the budget; do the marketing and set up a website.

From that point onwards it started to flow. One after another, professional editors appeared as if by magic and volunteered to start the intensive and sometimes challenging editing process with the authors. For some gaps in history the things I thought we absolutely must cover — we interviewed people. Without the support and amazing hands on work of the editing team it would not have been possible.

Because many initiatives started in the 70s and existed through many decades, the chapter set up did not work and was changed into themes. There were some subjects about which it was not easy to find someone willing to write. “I don’t want to do it, if I can write only about the good things and successes as if it was in a pink cloud!” I was told. Our past held mistakes. And the Angel we worked with for the book was the Angel of Honesty! So I encouraged people to write about the challenging subjects, so that others might learn from our weaknesses and how we have dealt with them. We’re human, each with our cultural and personal baggage and some times we have reinvented the wheel. The Community has at times been disorganised and frustrating to live in. At other times it has been, and is, a paradise and utopia for many of us.

The process over the last six months of the book production has been fascinating. Not only to go through a personal transformation, but at the same time help the history of 50 years become more alive. I have witnessed a book being born. It has been a great honour to do this work.

The book is my gift, our gift, to the community. It is full; maybe overwhelming sometimes; maybe intense — just as the community is.

Enjoy it.

Adriana Sjan Bijman, 2012

The book is ready for its launch.

Posted by findhornbirthdaybook on July 1, 2012 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (0)

As editors and helpers of the Findhorn Birthday Book group we blessed and made a toast on the book today; it is ready for its launch tomorrow in the Universal Hall. Hurrah!

The Firebird cover

Posted by findhornbirthdaybook on July 1, 2012 at 4:50 PM Comments comments (0)

At the very end, after all the proofreading was done, I still had not designed the cover. I was hoping, and more trusting that I would know which pictures would exactly fit to be on the front and back cover. They would be catching, colourful, symbolic for the Findhorn Foundation Community. I waited until the day came it was time to decide. I really had to decide. What? I did not know.

And than it dawned on me, that since November I actually had used for all the marketing of the book; in the updates in the Rainbow Bridge, on the website, on the postcards and visitcards … the same pieces of the beautiful colourful Firebird, the stained glass artwork hanging in the Upper Community Centre, made in the eighties in the studio of designer James Hubbell in California, United States. He also designed the stained glass artwork community members compiled in the Universal Hall. Janet Banks, who worked on those windows in The Hall, remembers the Firebird artwork was meant to be sent to Moscow for an exhibition. James sent it to Findhorn for the Conference The Individual and The Collective, in 1988, says Roger Doudna, and as the Russian connection did not work out well, we as community have The Firebird now on an indefinite loan from James.

The Firebird, like a Phoenix: being reborn again and again. That’s what the community does too!

So there the solution was, right in time: The Firebird on the cover of the Findhorn Birthday Book. The back cover has a group photo, the last one, as the timeline pages show group photos from the sixties through the decades.

Perseverance is Patience in slow motion

Posted by findhornbirthdaybook on June 14, 2012 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (1)

Hello everyone,

The first proof prints arrived in my studio on very large paper, which did not even fit on my work tables. The process of proofreading and correcting after that took a long time and challenged our energy and patience. I had nightmares of it! Once, in the middle of the night, I got up to check the errors I had seen in my dreams; they were not there but I discovered others….

Now that we signed the proofs and OK’ed them to print, there is a time of patiently waiting for the printing and binding being ready and we will get the boxes with the 1000 books of this first printrun. Angus said we would easily sell them. Sabine believed 750 would already be a lot to sell. We will see — we definitely need the help of the buyers, one by one!

News. The sad news that hit the printers and us too last weekend, was the flooding that influences the whole print-production process. One of the companies involved had a flooding and surely the delivery date had to be postponed.

There is also good news. The Phoenix, our local Findhorn community shop will offer the book to the public, in the shop and on its mail order website, for the regular sales price without charging any of their normal sales-percentage of 40-48%. This is their community contribution to the book. Fantastic! We really appreciate the management and staff of The Phoenix for doing this.

There is always a lot to finish at the end of a book and if I thought to be able to take holidays: the piles of paperwork on my desks show differently.

Because of the new calculations and to include the new Royal Mail postage rates I updated the prices on the webstore. Hope it is helpful to have the exchange rates included.

Newest date to GO FOR is the 2nd of July, when there is a celebration evening in the Universal Hall at Findhorn around the 50th Birthday. We really hope to launch the Findhorn Birthday Book then. With images, stories and the jewel of a book itself! If you live around, make sure you can come!

Warmhearted greetings, Adriana Bijman, for the Findhorn Birthday Book group


Posted by findhornbirthdaybook on May 17, 2012 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (0)

This is an exiting time for all of us who have contributed to the Findhorn Birthday Book, as it is in its final stage: the book has gone to proof today!

Eva Ward of the Communications Department has gone for a last time through the text with an eagle eye to find any errors. I completed the design and added last changes before we now say ‘Enough is enough’.

What is not visible to you, is that the book production time has also been a huge process of transformation and healing. That beauty will be reflected in the book, I am sure. We, all of the editing team, have worked very hard on it. There will be a lot to celebrate — with you!

Micaela, a brilliant community astrologer, has looked at the charts of ‘Findhorn’ and my own one, as I know I am going through a second Saturn return and many transits during the production of this book. And Findhorn, with 50, is going through its own healing process. It is very confirming to hear from Micaela that the MC (or the public life) and my Ascendant (soul purpose) are conjunct and aligned. I got confirmed this task was ‘written’ for me. The Book is a wonderful way to ‘go public’. The process has transformed from difficult to very graceful, For many of us Findhorn is about Transformation, and again it has worked through me too. It has been an honour to work at the book.

The Findhorn Birthday Book will have 144 pages, size is around A4 landscape size, printed on environmental friendly paper. The content is a vibrant show of our past and present written down in very good, touching and informative stories, next to The Best Of pictures. You might want to have this book for yourself and/or as a unique present to all your Findhorn friends and beyond.

The book now has twenty percent more content than planned and budgeted for. Due to higher costs the price will go up. We really appreciate your trust in this project by pre-ordering; just believing us on our words that it will be a ‘must have’ book! In pre-ordering you will help us to pay for the outstanding bills. So if you are quick, get it still for the pre-order price now!

The Pre-Order price stays until end of May £ 25/£ 20 concession, pick up price, or add postage costs.

With you, looking forward to the end result, in beautiful print…. We’ll let you know here when it is ready!

Warmhearted greetings, Adriana


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Working on the graphic design of the Birthday Book, I focused on the page with a guidance by Eileen on Love. Decades ago, in a difficult time for her, Eileen had used affirmations on love herself, like:

‘I am the perfect expression of Divine Love’.

Wow, I still have to go through a lot before feeling fully convinced and believing this. But, sparkles of it come through, and creating those pages is another way of ‘working on it’.

In my photo archive, filled with decades, I search for the symbolic photo of the most perfect expression of love, to add to Eileen’s guidance. I decide to use a photo from the non-human world of Findhorn. While scribbling this down, at 5 am, outside the birds start to sing.

They make me stop and listen.

Their dawn choir is a song of love to creation.

More animals in the book? ‘Cause right, there aren’t many in yet. ‘Don’t you have animals in Findhorn?’ Oh yes, we have lots of birds and deer, rabbits and butterflies. Chickens in the far past and again at the moment in Cullerne Gardens. For a while we had sheep, but we are no farm like the community’s Wester Lawrenceton. Em’s horses and ponies walk around everywhere and have added a lovely atmosphere to the Park over the last years. I have many photos of it. But they can’t all fit in….

Then, overriding the joy, the responsibility of making choices kicks in. There will be ‘voices’, as one North American author with loads of life-experience emailed me: there will be voiced criticisms after the book is ready. ‘Why is that and that photo not in?’ ‘ You forgot X, so important!’. Yes. I agree. However, neither did you tell me nor show them to me in time. Clearly the book will not be complete, in the sense of telling the his-stories and her-stories of all of us and what was in between and amongst us. But it will be the way it will be, full and abundant and so much WILL be in it.

It is a labour of love, it will be a book of love.

Back to the choice of the photo. What most expresses love? Flowers opening their buds and petals to the light do. Breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, the way I regularly see them at Findhorn beach near my home, do. They also are ‘clichés’ of beauty in nature, but hey, there is a good reason they became cliches; there is undeniable truth in their beauty.

The Mother, from Auroville, wrote down the spiritual significance of flowers. We agree, roses express love.

In the nature sharings for Experience Week guests I often talk about the gift and commitment of roses to be near humans; to support us in connecting with love. In Dutch there is the slogan ‘ Bloemen houden van mensen’ (flowers love people). I grew up with it, while collecting wild flowers in the meadows: my blue cornflowers, lavender-coloured field scabious or bright yellow daisies. Or the prickly but so fragrant wild roses, with their sweet rosehips.

So it will be a rose. I search and finally choose one of the many photos I have made of them. Its document title is ‘French rose’ because it is so fragile, elegant and strong at the same time. But in reality it might well have come from a famous ancient English rose nursery.

With my love

Adriana Bijman

How's the Book going? I got asked

Posted by findhornbirthdaybook on April 14, 2012 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello Everyone. 

In the middle of the book production, I feel the need to share some of that wonderful experience, to walk and live through 50 years of the history of the Findhorn Foundation Community. 

The book is growing! Good news is that I just heard from the printer that the book will be in sections of 16. It means that my first calculation of 120 pages can actually increase to 128 (dividable by 16) which means 8 pages more. That’s is great, as actually all the edited articles are so good, I would not like to take them out.

I am working almost day and night on the graphic design of the book now. Every chapter is a joy to make now. Yesterday morning Eva and Sandra from the 2nd editing team at the Communication department of the Foundation returned the text for chapter 6 (Education) and in the evening the whole chapter was filled with those texts and wonderful images and illustrations.

Over the last months I had collected quite some posters. Several times artists dropped into my studio with posters of performances of decades ago, which I carefully scanned. Yesterday I did a search around for conference posters and got some lovely ones, from the poster of the International Flower Essences Conference – early 90ties- to the Forgiveness Conference for 2013. A wide range to choose from! I’ll use them now with the articles about the history of the Conferences at Findhorn by Roger Doudna and Michael Hawkins. Today I went to the Universal Hall, where Peter Vallance had digged out several concert posters. I took with me to scan the concert of ex-member singer Elizabeth Rogers as well as a deliciously colourful concert poster with Deva Premal and Miten with Manose - personally signed eh!

Friday the 13th…. What a lucky day.

Greetings, Adriana 


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