Findhorn Birthday Book

Findhorn Birthday Book: celebrating 50 Years of Findhorn


We are a Findhorn Foundation Community-based group of people, just working together for this Book project; we all live and work here, some long-term, some just for a while.

 The project started in June 2011 with the idea by Adriana Bijman, and together with Margot Henderson and Angus Marland the basic structure of the book took form. When Margot had to withdraw in November, Adriana, in addition to focalising the project, took over the role of main editor and worked together with a group of text editors.

This group came together regularly and gave all their enthusiasm and professional skill to the editing from December until in March 2012:

- Harula Ladd:  interviewer and editor for the project.  Self-employed creative writer in community.

- Cat Stott: brilliant professional editor  (with 20 years of experience) for the project, LEAP student of the Findhorn Foundation.  (LEAP: Living Education Apprentice Programme)

- Jane Duncan Rogers: editor and interviewer, came into the group later, but brought, in perfect timing, great skills and energy to the project. .Rich Thinker

- Janice Shearer: interviewer and editor, LEAP student of the Findhorn Foundation.

- Christine Lines: interviewer and editor, LEAP student of the Findhorn Foundation, had to leave the project in January 2012.

- Janice Eddy: editor, who also came later into the project, and immediately with her skilled eyes let us all tumble down over the Style we were using in the book.

We also had the help of Dorota Owen, Jacqueline Stone and Rosie Turnbull, who all did some editing.

Emma Sylvester advised around the poetry pieces. Vera Verdun was a great support in some design decisions.  

From the beginning Sabine Weeke was our consultant and adviser on publishing-related and legal issues. She also compiled the booklist and periodicals and delivered lots of book cover scans from Findhorn Press. Sabine works at Findhorn Press.

During the whole production process Angus Marland was the book?s financial and general support, also contributing some stories from our community history.

After the first editing round the co-operation for the book changed, and Adriana met with individuals around certain parts of the book process. The second editing round was done in April 2012 by staff members of the Findhorn Foundation in the  Communications department:

- Eva Ward: editor for the book, focaliser of Communications and Management member.

- Sandra Mitchell: editor and contact person, also attending the Birthday Panel group.

- Christine Lines: came back to editing in a new role for the last chapters end of April.  

 The New Findhorn Association and its Council supported the project from the beginning.  Liz Egan is the accountant for the project. Volunteers from the General Office supported by helping with (pre-) sales of the book. 

Cluny Reception co-workers also help to do the (pre)-orders for the book, as well as book sellers during the Birthday Year events, conferences and workshops.

Adriana Sjan Bijman: the book?s project manager (focaliser), interviewer, photographic and text editor and graphic designer. Of the project. findhorn images

 To know more, fill in the form in the Contact Us page (for financial questions), or contact us on: [email protected] (without the spaces in the address)  


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