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Posted by findhornbirthdaybook on April 25, 2012 at 10:55 AM

Working on the graphic design of the Birthday Book, I focused on the page with a guidance by Eileen on Love. Decades ago, in a difficult time for her, Eileen had used affirmations on love herself, like:

‘I am the perfect expression of Divine Love’.

Wow, I still have to go through a lot before feeling fully convinced and believing this. But, sparkles of it come through, and creating those pages is another way of ‘working on it’.

In my photo archive, filled with decades, I search for the symbolic photo of the most perfect expression of love, to add to Eileen’s guidance. I decide to use a photo from the non-human world of Findhorn. While scribbling this down, at 5 am, outside the birds start to sing.

They make me stop and listen.

Their dawn choir is a song of love to creation.

More animals in the book? ‘Cause right, there aren’t many in yet. ‘Don’t you have animals in Findhorn?’ Oh yes, we have lots of birds and deer, rabbits and butterflies. Chickens in the far past and again at the moment in Cullerne Gardens. For a while we had sheep, but we are no farm like the community’s Wester Lawrenceton. Em’s horses and ponies walk around everywhere and have added a lovely atmosphere to the Park over the last years. I have many photos of it. But they can’t all fit in….

Then, overriding the joy, the responsibility of making choices kicks in. There will be ‘voices’, as one North American author with loads of life-experience emailed me: there will be voiced criticisms after the book is ready. ‘Why is that and that photo not in?’ ‘ You forgot X, so important!’. Yes. I agree. However, neither did you tell me nor show them to me in time. Clearly the book will not be complete, in the sense of telling the his-stories and her-stories of all of us and what was in between and amongst us. But it will be the way it will be, full and abundant and so much WILL be in it.

It is a labour of love, it will be a book of love.

Back to the choice of the photo. What most expresses love? Flowers opening their buds and petals to the light do. Breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, the way I regularly see them at Findhorn beach near my home, do. They also are ‘clichés’ of beauty in nature, but hey, there is a good reason they became cliches; there is undeniable truth in their beauty.

The Mother, from Auroville, wrote down the spiritual significance of flowers. We agree, roses express love.

In the nature sharings for Experience Week guests I often talk about the gift and commitment of roses to be near humans; to support us in connecting with love. In Dutch there is the slogan ‘ Bloemen houden van mensen’ (flowers love people). I grew up with it, while collecting wild flowers in the meadows: my blue cornflowers, lavender-coloured field scabious or bright yellow daisies. Or the prickly but so fragrant wild roses, with their sweet rosehips.

So it will be a rose. I search and finally choose one of the many photos I have made of them. Its document title is ‘French rose’ because it is so fragile, elegant and strong at the same time. But in reality it might well have come from a famous ancient English rose nursery.

With my love

Adriana Bijman

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