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Findhorn Birthday Book: celebrating 50 Years of Findhorn

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And we celebrated the Birthday !

Posted by findhornbirthdaybook on November 23, 2012 at 11:15 AM

Dear people, 

The 17th of November it was exactly 50 years ago that our founders arrived at The Park. Without the intension, they started our Findhorn Foundation Community as we know it now. This morning, after heartfelt Harmonic singing at dawn, Judy McAlister did a wonderful mediation with the packed Universal Hall.

The text can be found on the Foundation’s website and I quote a small part from it here:

"We open to the myriad streams of consciousness that have worked with this centre, to the forces and beings who have lent their support and wisdom to the creation of all that is today. We invite them to engage with us in this time of celebration and blessing. We welcome the devic, angelic and elemental realms; all the forces of the kingdoms of nature; the guides, guardians and teachers who have helped to shape this centre and have strengthened its work in the world. In particular we welcome the presence of the Landscape Angel, that representative of Gaia itself, that holds this centre in its care and keeping, and the presence of the Angel of Findhorn, acknowledging and honouring the vital roles they have played in the growth and evolution of Findhorn."

From the beautiful sharing afterwards I quote some to you:

Findhorn is a special place. But as was said, every place on our world is a special place. And if we cannot experience it where we are now on the planet, it is a call to create it, for ourselves and for the ones around us.

50 years ago our founders imagined and worked with a network of light; now we know this field is indeed existing; this is a privilege as well as a responsibility.

We bless all those places in and around our world which are in pain and see Love and Light coming in to heal. Together we sang an open ending OM for the Middle East war zones. We express our gratitude, for all the little and big things that happen in our lives.

We are overlightened by many invisible beings, but it is the Love that is the Essence, that we pour into the world.

Stand up in the world and be seen!

Happy Birthday to all of us and honouring the whole Findhorn family of past, present and future we send out a big THANK YOU. 

warmheartedly, Adriana Bijman

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